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An Exclusive Review at Bottega Veneta’s Fall 2018 Bags

Autumn is coming, so there are released Fall 2018 Bags  by many brands.Bottega Veneta is one of very few handbag brands that deserves all of the praise it continuously receives. Bottega Veneta is known for classic, incredibly well-made bags that are understated but elegant. And while Bottega Veneta continues to introduce new designs that feel both updated and luxe, they still have a timeless quality to them that allows them to remain relevant for years to come. That’s exactly the feeling I got when reviewing bags from Bottega Veneta’s Fall 2018 collection.

Making its debut this season, the Tambura is named for its drum-like shape. The soft, compact bag is crafted in traditional intrecciato nappa with oversize woven zipper pulls and a woven cross-body strap. The extra-long zipper allows the bag to take on the look of a bucket bag when carried open by the two short straps.

There are total three colors, the black and dusty rose. but I bought the blown color. I think this color will be more suite my cloth and fall .

Bottega’s newest bags are incredibly well-crafted, and though my two favorites from the collection feel modern and updated, they make use of Bottega’s classic materials and techniques, like beautiful, supple nappa leather woven in BV’s traditional intrecciato pattern and extravagantly exotic skins.


My favorite style collected from the fall of 2018 is the new Tambra bag so far. The name is inspired by its drum shape. Although the shape of the bag is similar to a bucket bag, the appearance is slightly different from the classic bucket bag. This is what I really like. The overall size and shape of the bag is compact and easy to carry. It makes the perfect everyday bag as it is super spacious inside. I easily carry all my daily necessities plus some extras like snacks and a small Fiji water bottle. In addition, I like to carry this option with two top handles, or throw it on the shoulder with a shoulder strap, although it is not adjustable, it can be moved completely.



Here is another types of bag, it is not only  used the lambskin completely ,it is combined the lambskin with leather .so it is look will be more smoothly.

Bottega Veneta is one of those understated luxury brands that makes intricate woven leather bags in their nappa leather (which is lambskin). I have always had a Bottega Veneta bag on my wish list however it has never been at the top of my wish list (trendy it bags tend to top my list on a rotating yearly basis). In other words it’s a brand I’ve had my eye on for a long time however never really seriously pursued.

Made from a gorgeous and incredibly exotic crocodile skin, this bag is truly breathtaking. It is beautifully constructed, and like all of the other BV bags we’ve previously shot, the incredible attention to detail is what makes this bag all the more stunning. I adore the large, exaggerated zippers, and the long leather strap down the front of the bag that hooks closed.



The Tambura bag has a flat base and though this makes the bottom of the bag very structured, the rest of the bag is not. The shape does tend to droop a bit if the bag is not super full. Inside, the bag is lined in suede and has an interior zippered pocket as well as an interior slit pocket. It is look nice and beautifuly . Also it is can carry a lot of stuffes, such as the mazine .

In fact they explicitly have a motto that states, “When your own initials are enough.” This is quite a refreshing perspective on luxury goods considering the current hot trend is logo-mania as you may have noticed when perusing social media.There are four cornerstones about Bottega Veneta: 1. Quality materials; 2. Artisan and craftsmanship; 3. Contemporary functionality; and 4. Timeless design. so it is worth the price .