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Palio Fringe Messenger Bag of Bottega Veneta Review

The Palio Fringe Messenger Bag also one of the Fall 2018 Bag Collections, also this one is my favorite too .The messenger is an evolution of the Palio style from last spring, now crafted with tactile fringe that shows off the savoir-faire of Bottega Veneta’s artisans.

We will look the details as below :

This bag definitely caught my attention, though I’m not sure this is a shape that I would personally like to own at beginning .I  bought it from the office site , the price is  is higher actaully . But when I got it , I was suprise by this bag .This playful messenger bag is an updated version of the Palio bag from a previous collection, and the fringed intrecciato leather adds a fun take on Bottega’s typically more traditional bags. it is size : 6. 3″H x 9. 7″W x 0. 4″D.So you can put the small stuffs to the bags , such as the ipad , phone , lipstick and so on .

Incredibly well crafted, the Palio messenger bag is another perfect example of Bottega Veneta’s attention to detail and even more incredibly talented artisans.The fringed intrecciato leather adds a fun take on Bottega’s typically more traditional bags,I bought others fringed intrecciato bags before ,such as CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN and SAINT LAURENT fringed bags, the CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN bag can not easy to keep for the hair style  fringed , it is too annoy , and the SAINT LAURENT fringed bag will be beeter, the fringed type look grace, but i dont like the suede leather,   so the Palio Fringe Messenger Bag is the my best favorite bag.

Finished with an exaggerated zipper and a double shoulder strap, which is unfortunately not adjustable, this stunning bag is truly unique.

Made from nappa leather and lined in suede this bag features an interior zippered pocket as well as one slit pocket.A premium look and feel is a trademark of luxury automotive brands like Mercedes-Benz ,BMW and Audi, so the Nappa leather also the luxury  leather all the material .Nappa leather or just napa is the general name for soft smooth leather from hides of different animals (aniline leather, semi aniline leather). It is a full grain smooth leather.Among other uses, Nappa leather is often used in leather products such as furniture, clothing, handbags, and shoes. As the term is used today, Nappa leather may be either natural grain, so I felt more  comfortable and soft if you touch this bag.The important is the bag is eazy to keep  and  clean .

The main compartment of the bag is entirely leather linned . This compartment contains a padded pocket. The material that separates the pocket from the main compartment .also the brand card is inside.

The longer you use this bag, the softer and shiner the leather is going to get as time goes by. It will feel almost like butter; soft and velvety.
You will find a circle saying “BV” on the inside of this bag, which specify that this is an outlet store exclusive style.The leather shoulder strap is different types compare with others bag ,it is theough the isde of bag ,then it can carry all of the bag.

Overall,  Palio messenger bag is another perfect example of Bottega Veneta’s with the fringed intrecciato leather, and it is also the  lovely  bag of Fall 2018 Bag Collections in this year. How do you think ?