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Hermes Constance Bag Peformance Review

You know Birkin and Kelly, but do you know Halzan, Lindy, and Constance? The Constance collection of Hermès bag was born in 1969. The bag named by designer ,it has been popular in the bag world.

The bag rings in at $4,600 online and comes in black, navy, green, and classic Hermès orange. It’s a convertible style that can be worn as a tote, clutch, or shoulder bag.

I guess most of girls will like it very much , and also have been looking to add to your closet.

I bough the grey and black mini size ,I was super picky with the requirements,I know the grey one is what I want , but also I bought the black one. it was suriprise for me, the balck one also look great.

The box showed the ifo of this bag, and then it is as usually with Hermes logo .



Not the same as Hermes’ other bags, its large ‘H ’logo makes this bag stand out and become the most special one in the Hermes family. Many people will underestimate this package – probably because of the huge metal H logo. But you will know beauty of Constance for a while. Constance’s reputation is not as big as Birkin and Kelly, but in a sense it is more “precious” than Birkin and Kelly. Because it is quantity is not too much . Constance have a total of 6 sizes.

Here we will look the size as below:




This one is size Mini(18cm)

This one is size (24cm)

This one is  size Elan(26cm)

This one is size Cartable(29cm)



Although the Constance series has produced six sizes so far, there are only two models that are easy to buy in the mall: mini and 24cm. Micro is a limited edition, and it is basically impossible to buy a new one. While Elan and Cartable still have been not the chance to new packages. And the size of these two models is not very practical, so in addition to the love of the collection of Hermes vip, no one will be willing to spend so much money to collect these two styles.



Hermes started coming out with rose gold hardware on the Constance so I knew I wanted that as well. This was a combination that I might have a passing chance at, if I placed an order long in advance and begged extra hard at my “local” store

There is on type is Swift leather, this leather is easy to be crushed, so the Swift leather bag must pay special attention: nothing should be placed on the skin. And Swift skin’s Constance will be flat after a long time, mind this must be carefully purchased.

But the black one is Epsom which is kind of a controversial leather in Hermes world .The Epsom skin is much stiffer than the Swift skin,it feels a little “plasticky”, artificial. But a great thing about it is that it withstands scratches more easily than smooth leathers. It is both durability  and maintains shape, so you don’t have to worry too much when you use it.



The clasp on the Constance is such that I knew I would end up scratching the bag everywhere with my keys, fingernails, etc – and I wanted it to be a grab and go and throw bag. This is my first Epsom bag and I’m happy to have gone with the leather.

For the grey one, it is suitbale my clothes, I like this one very much.

We can see the fron anf back of this bag as below :

There is  a logo of Hermes.

There are two compartments inside the bag, and there is a side pocket on the outside and a zip pocket on the inside. it is 24cm bag, the internal space is already very large, and I always put  my keys, fingernails, and phone .



In addition, the place where the shoulder strap is linked is also metal, and the color follows the style of the main buckle. This means that the button is gold, and the place is golden. It is the care of these details that will make you feel the value of Hermes.


In addition, many people who have not used Constance probably don’t quite understand how to opened the  buttons of Constance . Including me, I thought about it for a long time  when I opened Constance in my first time . why? Because the way the button is opened is very violent, there is a force bar in the middle. so just  opened it violently .

The big H-shaped buckle is really easy to scratch the leather. Probably because the area is too large, so the buckle will be hurt the leather, If you just bought Constance,just please be carefully.




For those who want to know the dimensions of Constance 24cm and Mini that you have been not buy, please refer to the size of Celine Box. The size of the two Celine is similar to the size of Constance, but the Celine will be more thicker. In addition, the size of the Roulis Hermès bag is similar to that of Constance. but because Roulis is square, it looks a little bigger than the  Constance. The size difference between the Mini and the 24cm,here is the picture as below : 


The Mini is definitely more popular, and the Mini size has been popular in the  bag world, it  is both convenient and beautiful. If you want to buy the first Constance, I definitely recommended the Mini size. But if you already have a Mini, I think the size 24 cm is also great.