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Prada Cahier Bag Performance Review

Do you know which one of Prada’s most popular bags is now? It is the Prada Cahier.Inspired by the bindings of antique books, the Prada Cahier bag features ornate and oh so intricate antique gold metal wear.I remember seeing my friend with her Prada Nylon Messenger Bag in high school and I fell in love.The Prada Cahier is an absolutely beautiful bag, named Cahier, which is french for notebook, and I’m sure you can see why.

The Prada Cahier bag features ornate and oh so intricate antique gold metal wear, you only have to take one glance at the bag to see why the price is so steep.Cahier’s Chinese meaning is actually a “notebook.” As the name suggests, Cahier looks like a diary full of classical literary art, recording the most romantic stories and the most precious memories.


I feel the antique gold metal wear adds a somewhat timeless element to the bag, particularly as I decided to opt for the hot pink leather, which is less of a timeless shade.

I like to have the option to wear my more luxury items for all occasions so the fact the Prada Cahier works wonders to add something extra to my slogan tee, jeans combination, but also with my fave Rixo night out dress, well that’s just flipping fabulous.

I like this is kind of bag very much.The Prada Cahier bag is of the highest of quality and the craftsmanship of the bag is second to none.Also I think it is fabulous for the fall and winter season.


There are some colors like the red and blue, but for me, I like the black one nery much.It is look grace.


For the packing ,  it is  look simply but i think it frindly for the environment.


Prada Cahier

Material: leather body with old gold hardware

Dimensions: length 18cm, width 7 cm, height 12 cm


The bag is rectangular in shape and the bag lines are clean and neat. The old metal edge design is like the protection angle of the old books. The biggest advantage of this design is that it is not afraid of grinding! We will feel that the bag is resistant  when we use it,We dont afraid it will bad in short time.

The Saffiano cross-grain leather is like a tough book cover, and the lock is like a button on a notebook. The whole feels like a classic book full of years.

We can see the picture of box side .we can see the details of small strap.


The small ring is specially added to the shoulder strap. The design of this small ring is very intimate, because on this small ring you can hang up the accessories you like.Also the ring will be friendly when you take the bag, you can move i any direction.



There are the gold harware in the side of bag , we can see the details as the picture ,it is look can be protection the bag.


Then we can see the lock strap of thie bag .The principle of the lock is quite simple, and it is a flip-open mode with a snap button. Just like the button of the usual notebook, the leather buckle is gently pulled out of the metal buckle, it is easy to open!
In addition to the basic Cahier, the following star-moon models are simply too beautiful! There are not only stars and moons, but also meteors,so that is the Prada cahier bag .

Prada also released the new one.

Prada Cahier
Material: leather body with old silver hardware
Dimensions: length 18 cm, width 7 cm, height 12 cm

Prada Cahie with metal parts also use old-fashioned metal. Unlike the above one, this star-moon hardware is silver, which looks retro and has a mysterious more .

The chain on the shoulder strap is also made of old silver, and this bracelet can also be removed separately, when the handbag is used!


How to remove the shoulder strap:

The first step was to open the bag.

The chain can be pulled out by gently unscrewing the middle buckle.

So that is the clatch bag .


Cahier’s internal structure is simple, that is, the main space, and two wall bags in tandem

For the length of bag , itwe  can put the iphone 7 inside .It is a mini bag so if you’re used to carrying everything but the kitchen sink around with you then I’d streer clear of this one. However, I’m a sucker for a mini bag and like to know that I’m only lugging around the essentials, so this bag suits me just fine.

Will the metal parts of the bag be heavy? In fact, it’s okay, the bag weighs 468 grams, which is similar to the mini-bottle of water. I dont think this bag will be heavy .

We can see the details of this picture.


We can felt the material is great .A few things to note about the Cahier bag from Italian Fashion House Prada is firstly, it’s a little on the weighty side of things. It’s made from quality leather and the most dreamy of brass metal wear so it really is not surprising.that is amazing.


Here are more picture of the front and back side of bag .




It’s a small bag featuring a patch pocket and two compartments of the same size so prepare to play a game of Tetris when you pack your bag on a day/evening.

Overall,there is usually a smaller bag or pouch inside that allows me to find the things I need when I need them, and also evey girl must have one Prada bag in life, I think this one will  be the perfect choice.

How do you think  about it ?