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Prada Cahier Bag Performance Review

Do you know which one of Prada’s most popular bags is now? It is the Prada Cahier.Inspired by the bindings of antique books, the Prada Cahier bag features ornate and oh so intricate antique gold metal wear.I remember seeing my friend with her Prada Nylon Messenger Bag in high school and I fell in love.The Prada Cahier is an absolutely beautiful bag, named Cahier, which is french for notebook, and I’m sure you can see why.

The Prada Cahier bag features ornate and oh so intricate antique gold metal wear, you only have to take one glance at the bag to see why the price is so steep.Cahier’s Chinese meaning is actually a “notebook.” As the name suggests, Cahier looks like a diary full of classical literary art, recording the most romantic stories and the most precious memories.


I feel the antique gold metal wear adds a somewhat timeless element to the bag, particularly as I decided to opt for the hot pink leather, which is less of a timeless shade.

I like to have the option to wear my more luxury items for all occasions so the fact the Prada Cahier works wonders to add something extra to my slogan tee, jeans combination, but also with my fave Rixo night out dress, well that’s just flipping fabulous.

I like this is kind of bag very much.The Prada Cahier bag is of the highest of quality and the craftsmanship of the bag is second to none.Also I think it is fabulous for the fall and winter season.


There are some colors like the red and blue, but for me, I like the black one nery much.It is look grace.


For the packing ,  it is  look simply but i think it frindly for the environment.


Prada Cahier

Material: leather body with old gold hardware

Dimensions: length 18cm, width 7 cm, height 12 cm


The bag is rectangular in shape and the bag lines are clean and neat. The old metal edge design is like the protection angle of the old books. The biggest advantage of this design is that it is not afraid of grinding! We will feel that the bag is resistant  when we use it,We dont afraid it will bad in short time.

The Saffiano cross-grain leather is like a tough book cover, and the lock is like a button on a notebook. The whole feels like a classic book full of years.

We can see the picture of box side .we can see the details of small strap.


The small ring is specially added to the shoulder strap. The design of this small ring is very intimate, because on this small ring you can hang up the accessories you like.Also the ring will be friendly when you take the bag, you can move i any direction.



There are the gold harware in the side of bag , we can see the details as the picture ,it is look can be protection the bag.


Then we can see the lock strap of thie bag .The principle of the lock is quite simple, and it is a flip-open mode with a snap button. Just like the button of the usual notebook, the leather buckle is gently pulled out of the metal buckle, it is easy to open!
In addition to the basic Cahier, the following star-moon models are simply too beautiful! There are not only stars and moons, but also meteors,so that is the Prada cahier bag .

Prada also released the new one.

Prada Cahier
Material: leather body with old silver hardware
Dimensions: length 18 cm, width 7 cm, height 12 cm

Prada Cahie with metal parts also use old-fashioned metal. Unlike the above one, this star-moon hardware is silver, which looks retro and has a mysterious more .

The chain on the shoulder strap is also made of old silver, and this bracelet can also be removed separately, when the handbag is used!


How to remove the shoulder strap:

The first step was to open the bag.

The chain can be pulled out by gently unscrewing the middle buckle.

So that is the clatch bag .


Cahier’s internal structure is simple, that is, the main space, and two wall bags in tandem

For the length of bag , itwe  can put the iphone 7 inside .It is a mini bag so if you’re used to carrying everything but the kitchen sink around with you then I’d streer clear of this one. However, I’m a sucker for a mini bag and like to know that I’m only lugging around the essentials, so this bag suits me just fine.

Will the metal parts of the bag be heavy? In fact, it’s okay, the bag weighs 468 grams, which is similar to the mini-bottle of water. I dont think this bag will be heavy .

We can see the details of this picture.


We can felt the material is great .A few things to note about the Cahier bag from Italian Fashion House Prada is firstly, it’s a little on the weighty side of things. It’s made from quality leather and the most dreamy of brass metal wear so it really is not surprising.that is amazing.


Here are more picture of the front and back side of bag .




It’s a small bag featuring a patch pocket and two compartments of the same size so prepare to play a game of Tetris when you pack your bag on a day/evening.

Overall,there is usually a smaller bag or pouch inside that allows me to find the things I need when I need them, and also evey girl must have one Prada bag in life, I think this one will  be the perfect choice.

How do you think  about it ?

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Are Your Wardrobe Lack 15 Red Hot Bags? —Fall 2018 Edition

Just like last year, red bags are back for fall 2018 and they are as red hot as ever.As I said recently, I’ve always liked the idea of owning a red bag, and now more than ever I’m considering my next big bag buy to be a red one. I do have my eye on two Saint Laurent bags in particular, and I did go to try them both on in-store, but after reading some of the comments on my last post I started to dig around a bit more to see what else was out there. The more I dug the more apparent it became that red is indeed back and just as big as ever for fall 2018. While bordeaux was huge amongst designers lineups the last few fall seasons, I’m starting to think that red is surpassing it this season. Below I’ve rounded up 15 of my favorite picks so you can hop aboard the red train too!

Balenciaga Red Ville XXS Bag


Chloé Faye Day Bag



Fendi Logo Shopper Tote


Gucci GG Supreme Padlock Backpack



Louis Vuitton New Wave Chain Bag

Mark Cross Uptown Textured Leather Bag


Mulberry The Bayswater Croc-Effect Tote



Saint Laurent Kate Belt Bag

Salvatore Ferragamo Studio Bag

Valentino The Rockstud No Limit Bag


Wandler Hortensia Mini Lizard-Effect Shoulder Bag


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The List Bag From New York Fashion Week Spring 2019

NYFW has officially closed and next year’s fashion trends are already presenting themselves. Designers are thinking in tie dye, reworking western classics, and freeing the nipple in ways you’ve never seen. Check out the biggest trends of spring 2019, and make sure to check back for updates to our guide as fashion week moves on to London, Milan, and Paris this month.

The new it-bags are here, fresh from the New York runways. The latest? A ‘shock’-ing crossbody, Brandon Maxwell takes on the micro bag to a microscopic degree, and a not-so-subtle suggestion that feathered bags are the new straw totes are just some of the hot trends we re seeing at NYFW.The most recent crop of shows (Anna Sui, Tommy Hilfiger, Oscar de la Renta) brought out droves of fashion’s most coveted front row faces (some of which were later threatened with designer shoes.


Nicki Minaj with  Chanel Shearling Bag

Nicki Minaj brought this soft Chanel Shearling Bag to the Tommy Hilfiger show.


Kate Beckinsale with Oscar de la Renta Alibi Clutch

The Blonds x Disney Villains

Brandon Maxwell


Oscar de la Renta


Amber Valletta was spotted carrying this Saint Laurent Vicky Bag while hailing a cab in NYC with her boyfriend.

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The Chanel 31 Bag ,Is It The Breakthrough This Year?

Recently there are a lot of brand released the  Fall 2018 collection ,but will you feel different now that Fall 2018 bags are in stores.The Chanel 31 Bag, which is brand new for Fall 2018 and available in boutiques now.

I can think of is the Chanel Girlfriend Bag, which was a hobo made to look like it was fashioned out of a sewed-up and tied-off Chanel leather jacket. The Girlfriend Bag is no longer made,  but it is a calssic bag since the hobo bag released.

As a modern woman, the most important thing to is have  a good bag which more mordern and versatility. The Chanel 31 Bag have two sizes to meet the needs of women in various occasions. The mini version of the Chanel 31 Bag, won the attention with a small and exquisite appearance.

The Chanel 31 Bag is based on an archival Chanel design, and the principle shape can be worn three ways: carried in hand by the tote’s double top handles, carried on the shoulder with the optional thin straps, or folded over and used as a day clutch. The first run of bags also includes a clutch-only option, as well as two sizes of the original shape—the larger is 17.2″ wide, the smaller 14.4″. It can carry most of stuffs,however the bag folded that sharply for any period of time will likely make the bag look at least a little rumpled and bent when it goes back to being a tote.That is not good for the bag .it is will be  rumpled.


For all-leather pieces, the smaller size of the 31 Bag shopper is $4,400, while the larger is $4,800. The bag also comes in a number of season variations with printed or tweed panels, which will run you a little bit less. Check out all the current versions of the bag below, and then let us know in the comments if you’re into it.

Chanel 31 Bag





Chanel 31 Bag

Chanel 31 Bag


Chanel 31 Bag


Chanel 31 Python Clutch


Chanel 31 Large Bag



Chanel 31 Large Bag


Chanel 31 Large Bag

Chanel 31 Large Bag

Chanel 31 Large Shoulder Bag

Chanel 31 Bag


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The Fendi Small Kan I Shoulder Bag Close Look

I really like the Fendi Kan I Bag, and if someone were to hand one over to me today, I would be one happy girl. I love that Fendi reinvents the Kan I season after season, introducing new colors, fabrications and elevated versions of the originals. This embossed leather version might be my favorite one yet. I adore that this bag still makes use of Fendi’s iconic (and recently, ever-present) logo, but in an understated and elegant way. This bag is truly a show-stopper in off-white leather, complemented by shiny gold hardware. While white bags can be tricky, I love that this one is an off-white and not a true white. I have a bag in this exact shade that I love and wear all year, no matter the season. While I do have to baby it a fair bit, it works so nicely in my wardrobe, and I definitely recommend a bag this shade. If you’re really into getting a Fendi Small Kan I Shoulder Bag but aren’t set on if it would work for you, today we’re giving you a close look at what we packed inside and just how we did it!

The Fendi Kan I isn’t just fashionable—it’s also relatively functional, although size and functionality are often relative to one’s lifestyle. This bag is structured and holds its gusseted shape well, no matter how much or how little you put inside. The interior of this bag is lined in a faux suede and is split into two separate compartments. The back compartment has a card slot, which is the only pocket inside. I was able to fit my Ray-Ban sunglasses (in the case!) in the front compartment alongside a mini notebook and pen, my keys, a NARS lip pencil and my absolute favorite snack—a ThinkThin Protein Bar right on top. In the back compartment, I stored my iPhone X, my YSL small wallet, a Mario Badescu Lip Balm, and a mini Laura Mercier Translucent Powder Palette. I had a bit of room to spare and could have packed in something else on top of my wallet, but I didn’t really need anything else with me that day. Utilizing the card slot, or a smaller and thinner card case would also free up some room inside the bag, but it worked for me as-is!

The Fendi Kan I Small Shoulder Bag is beautifully crafted of smooth white calfskin leather, which is super soft to the touch. There’s nothing like a gorgeous leather bag, and Fendi does leather so beautifully. The bag can be worn over the shoulder via the chain strap, which can also be doubled to be hand carried. Overall dimensions are 5.2″H x 7.5″W x 3.5″D.


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Chanel 2.55 Review , More Than Half a Century of Classics

The number 2.55 represents the month and the year in which Gabrielle’s design was first introduced: February 1955. Both the 2.55 and the Classic Flap bag are indeed. This bag is not only the classic star in the house, but it’s also the most iconic handbag in the fashion world. Just like the Classic Flap Bag, each design has its own unique story. And the story is either inspired by something or it’s linked to the founder Coco Chanel’s life. 


In February 1955, she designed a bag that allowed women to vacate their hands. because of the girls could only hold the clutch bag in that time . It is the ancestor of the refining belt bag, and it has been half a century over. Looking back at the classic and timeless, whether it is the brand aura of Chanel,The 2.55 is a dream list of women’s must-have bags for life.

It’s a common case of mistaken identity: the original Chanel 2.55 and the Classic Flap bag. If one is not quite the Chanel expert yet, the term 2.55 is easily applied to refer to the Classic Flap. It’s certainly so that the two are very similar in both silhouette and design but it’s precisely these teeny tiny details help us distinguish one from another.

We will talk about the lassic Flap bag net time .

Here is the review of Chanel 2.55 as below :

In Chanel, Craftsmen need at least four to five years of training experience. After finally entering the work area, we can see their skilled and confident for every steps, the 2.55 quilting pattern that is precisely sewed back and forth, and the last fallen flipped bag from the reverse side, so the one with the highest recognition Department 2.55 and Boy Chanel, in the hands of the craftsman to complete a series of six new details of the new year.


To be continued

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Hermes Constance Bag Peformance Review

You know Birkin and Kelly, but do you know Halzan, Lindy, and Constance? The Constance collection of Hermès bag was born in 1969. The bag named by designer ,it has been popular in the bag world.

The bag rings in at $4,600 online and comes in black, navy, green, and classic Hermès orange. It’s a convertible style that can be worn as a tote, clutch, or shoulder bag.

I guess most of girls will like it very much , and also have been looking to add to your closet.

I bough the grey and black mini size ,I was super picky with the requirements,I know the grey one is what I want , but also I bought the black one. it was suriprise for me, the balck one also look great.

The box showed the ifo of this bag, and then it is as usually with Hermes logo .



Not the same as Hermes’ other bags, its large ‘H ’logo makes this bag stand out and become the most special one in the Hermes family. Many people will underestimate this package – probably because of the huge metal H logo. But you will know beauty of Constance for a while. Constance’s reputation is not as big as Birkin and Kelly, but in a sense it is more “precious” than Birkin and Kelly. Because it is quantity is not too much . Constance have a total of 6 sizes.

Here we will look the size as below:




This one is size Mini(18cm)

This one is size (24cm)

This one is  size Elan(26cm)

This one is size Cartable(29cm)



Although the Constance series has produced six sizes so far, there are only two models that are easy to buy in the mall: mini and 24cm. Micro is a limited edition, and it is basically impossible to buy a new one. While Elan and Cartable still have been not the chance to new packages. And the size of these two models is not very practical, so in addition to the love of the collection of Hermes vip, no one will be willing to spend so much money to collect these two styles.



Hermes started coming out with rose gold hardware on the Constance so I knew I wanted that as well. This was a combination that I might have a passing chance at, if I placed an order long in advance and begged extra hard at my “local” store

There is on type is Swift leather, this leather is easy to be crushed, so the Swift leather bag must pay special attention: nothing should be placed on the skin. And Swift skin’s Constance will be flat after a long time, mind this must be carefully purchased.

But the black one is Epsom which is kind of a controversial leather in Hermes world .The Epsom skin is much stiffer than the Swift skin,it feels a little “plasticky”, artificial. But a great thing about it is that it withstands scratches more easily than smooth leathers. It is both durability  and maintains shape, so you don’t have to worry too much when you use it.



The clasp on the Constance is such that I knew I would end up scratching the bag everywhere with my keys, fingernails, etc – and I wanted it to be a grab and go and throw bag. This is my first Epsom bag and I’m happy to have gone with the leather.

For the grey one, it is suitbale my clothes, I like this one very much.

We can see the fron anf back of this bag as below :

There is  a logo of Hermes.

There are two compartments inside the bag, and there is a side pocket on the outside and a zip pocket on the inside. it is 24cm bag, the internal space is already very large, and I always put  my keys, fingernails, and phone .



In addition, the place where the shoulder strap is linked is also metal, and the color follows the style of the main buckle. This means that the button is gold, and the place is golden. It is the care of these details that will make you feel the value of Hermes.


In addition, many people who have not used Constance probably don’t quite understand how to opened the  buttons of Constance . Including me, I thought about it for a long time  when I opened Constance in my first time . why? Because the way the button is opened is very violent, there is a force bar in the middle. so just  opened it violently .

The big H-shaped buckle is really easy to scratch the leather. Probably because the area is too large, so the buckle will be hurt the leather, If you just bought Constance,just please be carefully.




For those who want to know the dimensions of Constance 24cm and Mini that you have been not buy, please refer to the size of Celine Box. The size of the two Celine is similar to the size of Constance, but the Celine will be more thicker. In addition, the size of the Roulis Hermès bag is similar to that of Constance. but because Roulis is square, it looks a little bigger than the  Constance. The size difference between the Mini and the 24cm,here is the picture as below : 


The Mini is definitely more popular, and the Mini size has been popular in the  bag world, it  is both convenient and beautiful. If you want to buy the first Constance, I definitely recommended the Mini size. But if you already have a Mini, I think the size 24 cm is also great.


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Cult Gaia bamboo basket Bag Review,The Best Favorite of Fashion Blogger

Girls may be always lack a bag forever. The love for bags seems to be the same  for every girl. No one can stop us from buying new packages.Today I am going to give you a review of my newly purchased Cult Gaia bamboo basket bag. Cult Gaia bamboo basket bag is also has been popular for many years, Cult Gaia’s firstproducts- ark bamboo basket bag which is the use of natural bamboo materials, and this brand has been anenthusiastic pursuit of numerous fashion bloggers. we can see a lot of photos of various bloggers who carry this kind of bag. It’s really artistic and architectural, and you will become very entertained with an attitude bag. By the way, I guess you must ask me where Cult Gaia is. Cult Gaia is from Los Angeles.


The salling of Gaia’s Ark bag have been still high, in addition to the prestigious natural-tone version, the acrylic rainbow bag is also available. Then I will come and test with you today about cult gaia’s new acrylic bamboo basket. I will start with the three aspects of material, size, and matching.

Created in 2012 by Jasmin Larian, Cult Gaia designs beautiful heirloom items that will live in your closet forever. The cornerstone of Cult Gaia’s DNA has been forged with the ideal of creating Objets d’ Art that make you look twice.

The material of acrylic is more translucent than the natural bamboo material, the gloss is very strong and it is very shiny . The material is treated with marble, which makes the bag look more high level, seems  like a work of art. If the bamboo model is a holiday sense, then the acrylic model is more urban, but both are suitable for summer, I felt  a very refreshing feeling.A timeless interpretation of our classic bag.  The perfect elevated day to night clutch rendered in an eye-catching iridescent Mother of Pearl.


Acrylic materials will be better than bamboo materials, because the bamboo breaks will be break up easily , but generally speaking , it is not happen . Each acrylic material is made up of very strong transparent ropes that are invisible but strong. The top half of the bag will be decorated with beads of the same color as the bag. On the back of the handle is logo of  Cult Gaia .

Although the bag is made of acrylic material,but there is no smell at all, so don’t worry about it. Each of Cult Gaia’s bags is made by hand, so there are some small details with some deviations and differences.In this way, each package is unique.


Cult Gaia’s bamboo basket has four sizes, mini, small, large, x-large.

This is the 100% Acrylic.Includes box and dust bag, that can double as liner.

The mini measures 9″ x 2.5″ x 9″

The small measures 11.25″ x 3″ x 10″

I bought small  size of this type of bag .This size is suitable for most girls, but its capacity is enough. Mini will be more suitable for girls with smaller size. The size of the Small size is 19 cm in height, 28 cm in length, 7 cm in width and 3 cm in length. The handle gap will not be short, the hand will not get stuck when it passes, and the materil is very nice. Its weight is 0.54 kg and its weight is not heavy. The capacity is very large, we can put everything to bag, including a  large notebook can also be put in.

This bag and holiday style dress are definitely standard. Although the cult gaia bamboo basket is a brand from Los Angeles, it is not the same as many Bohemian brands in Los Angeles. Its design is more succinct and fluent, and it is in place with a clean white dress.Here are the pictures.


It has produced more colorful acrylic bags this year. These two are the new ones on hand. One is silver sequins, very shiny. With it going out of the street or on the beach, the rate of returning to the beach must be very high and it will be more energetic.

The other is graphite, but it is mixed with some light gray in it, so the whole bag is more elegant and intellectual. This one is a relatively stable temperament, very suitable for office workers, sometimes tired of the commuter bag every day, can also change this unique charm bamboo basket bag, highlighting your fashion taste while increasing Affinity.



 In addition to the unique and unique style of the bag, Cult Gaia is also very eye-catching. The earrings are made of the same acrylic material as the bag, transparent and textured. The texture details of the marble and the simple design of the big ring show the elegant .


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Close Look at Hermes Blue Atoll Epsom Birkin 30cm Gold Hardware

Hermes Blue Atoll 30cm in epsom leather with gold hardware.This Birkin has tonal stitching, a front toggle closure, a clochette with lock and two keys, and double rolled handles.



It’s soft and buttery, fits everything without swallowing it, and comes at an high price point. It’s also made sustainably by a company run.

The material is soft and the color just like the Tiffany blue.




The interior is lined with Blue Atoll chevre and has one zip pocket with an Hermes engraved zipper pull and an open pocket on the opposite side.


The women’s handbag company specializing in commuter-friendly totes, satchels, and much more.

For the other size :the size of 25 birkin also nice ,it will be smaller,but this size will be ok, it can  be easy to carry.

For the size , it is 11.75″ width x 9.5″ height x 6″ depth; 4.25″ handle drop, that is the best size for the women, it is can carry a lot of stuffs and lightweight, wahtever you are tall or not , it is the best size for chooosing .


I think the pink scarf  to twine the handle was lovely.It is look cute with the blue with a little pink.

Also if you used the others scarf to twine the handle , that is ok, you can check the  pictures as below:



If you pay attention and do your math, that’s over $12 million dollars in sales of pre-owned handbags in roughly six months.  That should tell you something about the popularity of purses and the strength of the market.  After all, it’s not just Hermes Birkins that sell.  In This or That we pitted against each other Birkins, Kelly’s, Constances and other bags to figure out which was best for a particular event.

To be continued

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The Rarest Handbag in the World—Hermès Himalaya Birkin Bag Review

When we go a tad further and think beyond ‘mere’ luxury, one thought prevails: Hermès Himalayan. As one of the rarest and most exclusive handbags in the world.Himalayans are, without doubt, the crème de la crème of the luxury world.

However,these wildly rare and eye-poppingly pricey bags, which are manufactured and initially sold exclusively by Paris-based luxury stalwart Hermès.But well-known for their marked tendency to break auction records as the “most valuable” and most expensive handbags in the world.

We will look at this bag closly today .

The front of Hermès Himalaya Birkin Bag


The back of Hermès Himalaya Birkin Bag.

The exotic Niloticus crocodile skin from the Nile River is identified by the dual-dot signature in the embossing. The stamp is “T” without a shape, which denotes 2015 as the year of production. The smoky grey fades into a pearly white, resembling the majestic, snow-capped Himalayas. The process of dyeing a crocodile hide is time.This exclusive Birkin bag is accentuated by palladium hardware and is store fresh with all of the original accessories.

For the price ,it is really higher , but why are  eye-poppingly for this one ?

This time last year, one such bag broke the record for the most expensive handbag sold in Asia. Yes, in June 2017, a 3-year old Himalaya Birkin sold for $380,000 to an unnamed buyer in Hong Kong, according to Christie’s.But theKoffsky said ‘it’s becoming well known how valuable these handbags are, people are taking it much more seriously; they want to spend their money in a more thoughtful way. They want to invest in handbags which will maintain their value and go up in value.’

So we need  look at it closly as below :

For the material : it is made from Niloticus crocodile, an African (not Himalayan!) animal. The “entry-level” version boasts palladium hardware, while the most exclusive Himalayans have white gold hardware encrusted with diamonds.

We can see the  details of the pictures.We can see the crocodile skin , the materia lof bag  look durability. The “entry-level” version boasts palladium hardware, while the most exclusive Himalayans have white gold hardware encrusted with diamonds.The smoky grey fades into a pearly white, resembling the majestic, snow-capped Himalayas.


For the inside , it is durability.It comes with a pockets on the inside and a pocket with a magnetic closure on the exterior, which allows you to easily access your phone or keys. It is large and structured, making it perfect for work or travel. Also it ican ccarry the make-up.



For the palladium hardware , it is have a small key with lock. alos the most stunnying is the diamond ornament . it is look shinny . For the key ,we dont worry the key will be miss, because of the key was through with the chain. then the bag is more safe, you can lock this bag.A close-up view of the tuck catch lock closure used , I’m not sure what kind of metal the key, hope it can used many years.



The Himalayan is so desirable because it honestly goes with every outfit and occasion. If I have to just choose one bag to travel with, this will be it! It is so glamorous, luxurious and yet neutral. Definitely such a precious value add to my collection, and of course the diamond one is just like an art piece


Overall,the look of the bag gives the impression of the grand Himalayan Mountain range and only a true artisan can perfect and create that. It makes my collection all the more unique and individualistic. it is worth this price.The Himalaya Kelly is both an heirloom and a work of art.